Botox makes us feel good, no doubt, from the millions of people around the world we can boast that over five million have praised its magical ability to transform the way we look, and the way we feel on the inside out. Look at all the celebrities world-wide who think of Botox as the norm. In-fact, it has become the norm worldwide! New technology in the beauty industry means we can look good and feel good to order. 



Researchers world-wide have suggested that Botox patients may get more than just an added perk. When the muscles are frozen that control our smile, it often makes us smile even more, thus having a reverse affect. Here’s where it gets interesting…the simple act of smiling, makes us feel good and stimulate our serotonin, making us ‘feel happy ‘on the inside out. Further to this, studies have revealed that this ‘reverse action’ is present when we display expressions of positive emotions, this helps put us in a good frame of mind. This is often what therapists and psychologists call (The fake it till you make it affect), brilliant, we don’t mind what they call it if it works!



Well, as with any medical or surgical treatments we are obliged to report the down side to these treatments as well as the plus points. As many of you will know there are millions of people walking about in their daily lives unaffected by the treatments they have, and are testament to the products and treatments we use. As with anything in life, not everyone can be suited to absolutely everything, right? that’s why we are all singularly individual and unique human beings, and as such a small percent of us will have adverse reactions. But don’t worry, these problems can be carefully considered before any treatment is offered. It is ultimately up to you to decide once we have carefully considered the appropriate treatment. We cannot be 100% sure you are in that small minority group.



As the huge amount of people turning to Botox daily are proof this wonderful treatment can literally turn your life around. Many people are testament to its life changing benefits and are happy to continue having what makes them feel good, and with good reason, our natural state is to feel happy and content. Don’t settle for second best, strive to feel and be the best YOU, you can be. If Botox can do that, then we are on the right tracks to making you feel amazing!